The Work That Reconnects

A Path-Breaking Approach to Re-Visioning
How We Live in Relation to
the Earth and Each Other

The Work that Reconnects is a rapidly spreading form of group work developed by Joanna Macy. Through these workshops, you experience your connections with others and all life, and strengthen your ability to act on behalf of meaningful change – all in a way that opens us to gratitude, joy and a renewed sense of self. It can be a life-transforming experience for those already immersed in making change and those seeking a way to join in.

That our world is in crisis and needs our help is well known. At times the situation can seem overwhelming – as can the pain, despair, sorrow, fear and anger we feel. It may seem that turning away from our feelings, ignoring or trying to silence them is the only thing to do. Yet our pain for the world flows from our interconnectedness with this world, the fact that we are a part of it – and from this interconnection also flows our power to act on its behalf. When we block or suppress our pain, our power to take part in our planet’s healing is diminished.

Having the courage to open to our pain, to experience and express our feelings together with others, allows us to connect more deeply with the community of all life. This enables the release of a new and stronger energy to shape our unique contribution to this time of transition. New and increased feelings of joy and wonder arise within us, gratitude and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of life on this planet, and for the opportunity to be part of it.

We know our world is in crisis. Perhaps less well known are the many ways people are gathering to create new ways of living with each other and in collaboration with our planet. Macy calls this process The Great Turning and describes it as “the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization”. Many people are already taking part in The Great Turning, without even knowing it is going on. The Work that Reconnects enables people to feel their own power, in connection with others, and to play their full part in this historic shift.

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(I have studied with Joanna Macy and am part of The Work That Reconnects Facilitators Network.)