“Dianne Monroe is a gifted teacher and communicator whose deep connection to the spiritual dimension of social change is absolutely essential in these times of transition. Whether you are ready to make an important life change, or seeking to do the inner work necessary to increase your creativity and effectiveness on a personal or professional level, or just looking for a new way to express the gifts you’ve been given, Dianne’s teachings provide the context and the guidance to midwife your growth to the next stage. As her student, I found her creative passion for life, for the Earth and for humanity to be enlivening and empowering, and exactly what I needed to help me move to the next stage of my development.”

Tracy L. Barnett
Independent Writer
and Multimedia Journalist

“Dianne Monroe is a hands-on, experientially-focused artist and teacher who uses her gifts to help others mindfully define and artistically create thoughts, feelings, intentions, and dreams through creatively-inspired exercises. She is able to facilitate a “deeper level” experience by helping others look at their own life (feelings and thoughts), and then expanding it to a larger, global understanding to encompass ones’ connectivity to all of life. She uses a blend of reflection, creation, discussion – honoring each person’s soulful expression and weaving it all together in a way that, for me, has evoked cathartic responses. Dianne has the ability to work with and through individuals, building a collective wisdom, which for me is often the most important take-away. Dianne’s work is both relevant and nurturing – body, mind, spirit, and environmentally. I appreciate her generosity and compassion. She is a true blessing!”

Karen Goins, Owner/Publisher
Natural Awakenings,
San Antonio/Hill Country

“As soon as I read Dianne’s website, I knew  that she was the person that I needed to talk to. We met several times over many months. I came to her to help me become more open again and to truly embrace my life. She was able to relate to me, as most others in my life were not, and understand the deep grief I felt for what was going on in the world around me. She was grounding and knowledgeable. She guided me through exercises that gently pushed me and helped me along with my process. She was a great help and i would recommend her for anyone that feels deeply, is going through any major transition in life or just wants to get back in touch with their true selves.”

Jennifer Armenta
Petaluma, CA

 “After my father passed away I felt an urgency to find a supportive environment in which I could explore the making of art as a way to heal.  Before working with Dianne, although I longed to make art an important part of my life, I lacked the self-esteem and courage to do so.  I never dared to refer to myself as an artist.  My one-on-one sessions with Dianne helped me overcome my resistance to create time for art.  It was the one thing I wanted most; and the one thing I resisted most.  Through learning how to speak to the Loyal Soldier, that internal pattern that tries to protect us by keeping us smaller than we are, I gave him a new job, to guard the door when I intended to work.  Dianne introduced me to many tools for healing and opening creativity, which I now apply and cherish daily in my work.  In just a few short months, I have become passionate about this new space in my life, and our sessions gave me the courage to embark on the making and teaching of art as my new profession.”

Shelley E. Roff, Ph.D.
Professor of Architecture and Artist

Your patience, support and encouragement to weave the work of depth into my life has been really impactful in a way I’m only now beginning to fully see. I’m grateful for the work we’ve done together – and for all the activities you offered that I’ve written in my journal and can use whenever I am called to do so.

Hannah Perez Postman
Oakland, CA

“I loved Dianne’s Visual Journaling workshop. I so appreciated her soft and gentle way of gathering us into the many circles we formed during the day. I was very inspired by the other incredible visualizations from my co-participants, so much so that my own drawing became part of a larger vision. I left that day fulfilled and happy and with a feeling of belonging to something very special.”

Bonita Cole
Sonoma County, CA

“I love Dianne’s workshops on The Work that Reconnects. She combines a lucid and well-grounded analysis of environmental and social challenges with a very complex and intelligent form of meditative pedagogy. I appreciate how she works with people on a very basic, emotive, intuitive level, using artistic and experiential techniques to open us to new ways of thinking about our relationship to natural and human communities. She not only offers a sophisticated analysis of the many challenges our society faces – she helps people find inner sources of strength that enable us to think creatively about how to effect positive change. She guides us both to an understanding of the ways in which we are already making a difference, and a vision of how we can deepen our involvement. I come away from her workshops aware of the scope of the ecological problems we are faced with, and yet feeling renewed and invigorated, like I can do something about it. Dianne has come to talk to my class at the university, and the students have been as inspired as I have been. I only wish everyone could attend one of her workshops!”

Judith Norman, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy

 “Health and Healing Connection has presented Dianne’s workshops three times. She is an important pillar in our quest to create a healthier community. On my office wall hang two pictures I created in one of her workshops, as she guided us in a process through which I effortlessly touched into my inner artist and wise woman. I keep these on the wall to remind me of my ability to drop inside, identify and transform my inner states of being via art – and to affirm the powerful wisdom and healing power innate to my own body. These are profound and life-affirming gifts from Dianne’s workshop which empower me whenever I look at them. Thank you, Dianne, for your dedication.”

Paula Davies
Founder and Chair,
Health and Healing Connection