Programs Overview

My work is an innovative blend of art, creativity, contemplative photography, creative writing, ceremony, and deep nature connection practices for inner depth explorations.

You choose where to begin from the themes listed below –
or bring your own questions and create your own blend.

My work is to offer practices you can use and to support you as you create your own path and find your own way.

Are you longing to liberate the artist inside?
Then try Visual Journaling – a practice of following your personal thread through a mix of visual art methods.

Is there a story you are yearning to tell?
Or a memoir calling for you to write?

Are you seeking to understand your own life story and it’s deeper meaning? Let the telling of the story be the doorway to inner exploration and transformation.

Do you enjoy exploring with a camera?
Then try Contemplative Photography. This practice is not about technique, but rather about exploring and deepening your relationship with the world through a camera lens.

Current Offerings

Personal Mentoring

8 session package / offered in person, by phone or Skype.
Deepen your understanding of your soul purpose. Clarify and shape your life path. Find ways to bring your gifts in today’s troubled world. Discover the treasures hidden in life’s pain and turmoil. A blend of these and other themes listed below are the usual focus of my personal mentoring. Or bring your own questions! Through a gently guided series of questions and activities, shaped to fit your specific intentions, you will gather a deepened understanding of your personal truth and learn practices you can use to support your continued journey.

Day Quests

Take a deep dive into that place where nature and soul meet. Spend a day immersed in nature, listening deeply to the wild true voices within and surrounding you. Day Quests are often undertaken to open or deepen exploration of soul purpose and path; during times of transition; for discovering the treasures in life’s pain and turmoil; and other themes listed below. Or bring your own questions and intentions. Day Quests offer a concentrated way to gather a deepened understanding of your personal truth and learn practices you can use to support your continued journey.

Program Themes include:

Personal Transitions and Transformation
Navigating times of growth and change in your life

Discovery and Deep Understanding
of Soul Path and Purpose

Living your spark of genius in these
complex and changing times

Living Between Joy and Sorrow
Discovering the treasures in life’s pain and turmoil

Embracing Wounded Places
Grieving, honoring, creating beauty with
world wounds, ancestor wounds, personal wounds

Earth Conversations and Ceremonies
Deep nature connection as a way of life

The Work that Reconnects
Joanna Macy’s path-breaking approach to re-visioning
how we live in relation to the Earth and each-other
(See page with that title)

Growing Inside Out,
Cultivating Your Child’s Inner Spark
Give your child the gift of an inner rudder
to navigate through life
(See Parenting/Youth page)

I also offer programs and workshops developed for specific situations. I welcome hearing from you about your personal or group needs – feelings and ideas that may not quite fit into these themes. We can work together to create something that is right for your circumstance.