Growing Inside Out,
Cultivating Your Child’s Inner Spark

 Give Your Child the Gift
of an Inner Rudder
to Navigate Through Life

An innovative, easy-to-use approach
for growing sourced from within

For everyone who spends time with youth

 Available as Training, Consulting, Coaching for Adults
And Programs for Groups of Youth
(see below for descriptions)

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Free One Hour Introductory Presentation
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Each person has a spark of brilliance to offer this world. This is sometimes called a Soul Image, Gift or Purpose – something each person brings to the time and place in which they live.

Within children, that spark is already present, seeking to grow, expressing itself, longing to be seen, heard, valued, understood. As adults, we can offer spaces and experiences to nurture and cultivate that spark of brilliance, honoring and reflecting the glimpses of that spark we have the privilege to see, enabling that spark to take root, grow and blossom.

Growing Inside Out is a program and approach to nurture each child’s spark of brilliance. It offers practices and experiences that enable youth to become sourced from within.

As they grow into adulthood, their soul spark becomes an internal rudder, with which they can navigate and create meaning in life’s complexities, challenges and changing landscape, with resiliency, flexibility and creativity. This enables each child to grow into an adult who can create a meaningful and fulfilling life, while contributing to our human and Earth community. This approach to whole-being growth is not part of the child development paradigm of our contemporary civilization.

Growing Inside Out is a synthesis of my over 20 years experience working with youth in a wide variety of circumstances. It is based on a four Directions model with four qualities and strength, along with activities to cultivate their growth. The four qualities and abilities are: Being Rooted in Inner Self, Creativity and Imagination, Connection with Nature, and Joy, Gratitude and Wonder. The activities are a blend of creativity, arts processes, and nature connection.

Growing Inside Out is offered through:

Training, Consulting, Coaching for Adults

1-hour complimentary (free) introductory presentation
A concentrated overview of the four qualities and strengths to nurture with children and related activities, with time for questions and dialog.

Day-long workshop for your group
An exploration of the four qualities and strengths to nurture with children; hands-on experience with activities that cultivate these qualities; discussion of how to create activities shaped to fit the interests and inclination of the children in your lives; with time for questions and dialog. Affordably priced based on the size of your group.

Customized Parent Coaching, seven session package
Learn to create and use activities rooted in the four qualities and strengths and shaped to fit the interests and activities of their children. You will leave this program with activities that fit your children at this moment in their lives and the ability to create further activities as your children grow and evolve.

Programs for Youth

For children within organizations (schools, camps, after-school programs, homeschool communities and others). Affordably priced based on size of group and length of program.

Imagination Club
Youth engage in activities blending visual arts, creative writing, drama and movement games and nature connection. The focus is developing imagination and creativity, valuing their uniqueness and the uniqueness of others, and feeling at home in and part of the natural world. For Elementary School age children.

 Visual Journaling
Youth use creative writing, a variety of visual arts and nature connection to explore their relationship with self, others and the natural world. For ages 9 and up.

Photography for Life
Youth learn basic photography skills while exploring their relationship with self, others and the natural world through the camera lens. For ages 9 and up.

Customized programs can also be developed to fit your specific circumstance. Be in touch with me to talk about your groups needs and aspirations. / 707-480-8905