Meet Dianne

I dwell in the edge places and tide lines of things, those liminal spaces where two worlds touch, blend, bump into each other and sometimes collide – where something both ancient and new can be re-membered. From that place where horizons meet and wild things grow, I invite others to walk their own wild edges of soul; listening with my heart for that place where personal story meets the big story of our times, where human soul and world soul intertwine.

I am a Life Mentor, Coach, Experiential Educator and Inner Wilderness Guide; a writer, photographer – and most of all a person who has made my own road through life by walking it.

I have over 20 years experience creating and offering experiential and transformational programs and workshops. In one sense, all my life has been a training for what I do. It was through my Expressive Arts studies (Salve Regina University in Rhode Island) that I developed my focus of blending Expressive Arts, creativity, ceremony and deep nature connection. Over the years I’ve sought out the training that I need – in methods of group work, pathways to deep nature connection, approaches to discovery and deep understanding of soul image and purpose.

I’ve worked with both youth and adults in varied circumstances, including professionals seeking to walk their soul path, organizations seeking innovative ways to work together, children who have experienced trauma and abuse. I am author of 8 plays, numerous articles and short fiction. My photos have been shown in galleries, accompanied articles and been used in websites.

Through my life, I’ve experienced my own shatterings – and found ways to create out of the broken pieces something new and astonishing. I’ve learned to navigate my own passage between joy and sorrow, embrace the treasure to be found within the wounds, entered into deep conversation with nature, discovered my own path to soul image and purpose. It’s a continuing journey – for me, and I believe for everyone.

I offer gratitude for the many teachers throughout my life – not all of them human. In particular I want to thank four extraordinary teachers I have had the opportunity to know and learn from, whose visionary ideas have informed and shaped my own life path and offerings: Barbara Ganim (Director of the Expressive Arts program at Salve Regina University, retired), Joanna Macy (Environmental scholar, creator of The Work that Reconnects,, Bill Plotkin (founder of Animas Valley Institute, author of Soulcraft,, and Annie Bloom (Mentor and Guide formerly with Animas Valley Institute,