Wild Soul is an innovative blend of Creative Expression and Nature Connection practices for inner depth work, rooted in our challenging times.

Do you know your deepest life story for this world?

At its core, Wild Soul is about

Guiding and supporting people in discovery and deep understanding of soul image and purpose; understanding how the threads of their personal story are interwoven with the big story of our world; and living their spark of genius in these critical times in human and Earth history

Continue reading for a bit of background and my responses to a few of the questions I most frequently hear:
~   What do you mean by Soul?
~   How is this connected to what you call the Big Story of Our Times?
~    Why is the blending of creativity, Expressive Arts and deep nature connection the core of Wild Soul practices?

 What do you mean by Soul?

I use the word Soul to mean that deepest and most essential part of self, that unique spark of genius that lies at our core.

“Soul is what is most wild and natural within us,” writes Soul Guide and Eco-psychologist Bill Plotkin.

Soul and nature are deeply, intricately intertwined. In seeking soul, we seek our true nature, that mysterious and wild essence of self.

Soul is something more than personality, ego or talent. Soul dwells beneath the surface of our selves, an image we are born with, a seed that can grow into the tree of our magnificence, something encoded within us that we can recognize if we listen to its voice calling us home. Soul can become the rudder in the ship of our lives.

Yet our soul’s song can easily become lost in the clamor and cacophony of our modern day world. Because soul in this context is seldom spoken of in our culture, most people never travel that journey of descent to discovering their soul image and purpose, their spark of genius, then finding their way of sharing it with our world.

These times call out to us to re-learn the pathways to soul. Wild Soul is a blend of practices and approaches to track the mystery of our inner terrain, open and deepen a lifelong conversation with soul, to hear and sing soul’s song, understand and live our soul purpose and spark of genius.

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 How is this connected to what you call
the Big Story of Our Times?

“The inner seeded story of the individual soul is secretly tied to the great drama of the world,” writes mythologist Michael Meade.

Because we are alive now, at this time in human and Earth history, our spark of genius and soul path are intertwined with these times. It’s that simple. Opening and deepening our conversation with soul, discovering and walking our soul path enables us to live lives of deep fulfillment while making our greatest contribution to our human and Earth community in these complex, challenging and deeply hopeful times.

Our consumer culture consumes our lives, our time, our planet, our precious natural world. Enclosed in plastic and cement, our connection is severed from Earth, life, each other, ourselves. Our lives and hearts become constricted. It becomes harder and harder to hear the call of our wild souls, to remember that we are part of this Earth and universe, that we are created from star stuff.

We live in a time when our civilization’s paradigm of endless growth is pushing against the limits of our finite planet, when old ways of being begin to crumble, making space for new voices and visions, new ways of being and doing in relation with Earth and each other – perhaps something as vast as a re-visioning of what it means to be human.

This is a time when each of our voices and visions are vitally needed for Earth’s and humanity’s future. In daring to seek and live our soul spark, we are not alone. Fresh ideas and approaches arise, as many hearts, minds and voices rise to meet the challenges and opportunities of our epoch. Environmental scholar Joanna Macy calls this an “unreported movement” which she has named “The Great Turning”. Earth Scholar Thomas Berry calls it “The Great Work.”

Perhaps there has never been a time as important and rewarding as now to live your spark of genius into our world – these crossroads times when each person’s vision and voice can make a greater contribution to our Earth and those living on it, now and in the future.

For more about the Big Story of Our Times, see:
Dancing on History’s Edge, Why This is an Amazing Time to be Alive
by Dianne Monroe
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Why is the blending of creativity,
Expressive Arts and deep nature
connection the core of Wild Soul practices?

 The Artwork of Your Life

The gift of creativity is part of our birthright as human beings. Everyone has it. Yet, too often in contemporary society, creativity is dismissed as unimportant, denied, stuffed into the back closet of self. When that happens, part of our vital selves becomes diminished or lost. Reclaiming and growing our creativity is a way of living into our full selves.

Soul speaks to us through image and metaphor. Art and creativity speak this same language. Expressive Art is a way of using arts process to open and deepen a conversation with your inner self, or soul. It’s a pathway to discovering and deepening your relationship with your personal truth, the gifts you bring to this time and place, of finding the image you were born to carry into this world. It’s a means of traveling into your deepest self, and through that, connecting with the shared essence of humanity and all life on Earth.

All this is true no matter what art form you use – visual arts, creative writing, photography, movement, drama, music and more.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an artist or want to be an artist to do any of this. Expressive Art is about understanding and creating the artwork that is your life.

Nature and Soul

“Nature and soul not only depend on each other but long for each other and are, in the end, of the same substance” writes Soul guide and eco-psychologist Bill Plotkin.

We are part of this Earth and evolved within its embrace.

Spending time with the natural world, growing a relationship with it, noticing what we are drawn to, can reveal aspects of ourselves and gifts as yet unknown – and lead us to deeply understand our place within the web of life.

If we learn to listen and pay attention, nature will reflect back to us what is most important for us to know at this point in our lives.

Yet in our contemporary culture this seldom takes place. Our modern civilization cuts us off from the natural world and its rhythms, just as it often cuts us off from our creativity and soul. When we become separated from the natural world, we become cut off from a part of our self, from our wholeness.

When a society, like ours, loses its connection with the natural world, it too loses a part of itself. Feeling separate from nature, trying to control nature rather than understanding how to be part of it, has led us to damaging, perhaps permanently, the very earth systems that give us, and so many other living beings, the ability to flourish.

Reclaiming our relationship with nature can guide us to creating new ways of living in harmony with Earth’s natural rhythms. Through reclaiming our relationship with nature, we also reconnect with our full selves. We can come to know our place in the world, the gifts we bring and their great importance to this time and place.

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