Each of us carries a seed, a longing deep within. Some call it a soul image, gift or purpose. Discovering and embracing this unique spark of genius that lies at our core opens us to live the full depth and meaning of our lives.

Do you know your deepest life story for this world?

“The inner seeded story of the individual soul
is secretly tied to the great drama of our world,”
writes Mythologist Michael Meade.

Because we are alive now, at this time in human and Earth history, our spark of genius and soul path are intertwined with our world and the times in which we live. It’s that simple.

Understanding our soul purpose and spark of genius enables us to be deeply rooted in times of change; to live lives of deep fulfillment; to make our greatest contribution to our human and Earth community in these complex, challenging and deeply hopeful times.

If you feel excitement or curiosity in reading these words, if ideas like these are whispering or shouting within you, I would be honored to be support, sentinel and guide as you travel your path of personal discovery.

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Where to Begin
Choose from common themes listed below,
or bring your own questions and create your own blend!

Finding soul purpose and life path
Personal transitions and transformation
Opening your wild imagination and creativity
Discovering the treasure hidden in life’s pain and turmoil
Grieving and honoring personal, ancestor and Earth wounds
Deep nature connection as a way of life

I offer an alchemical blend of art, creativity, contemplative photography, creative writing, ceremony, and deep nature connection practices for inner depth explorations. Again, you choose how you want to start – or create your own combination.

My offerings are part of a New Indigenosity, an approach to reclaiming indigenous wisdom for our times. They are highly experiential, with easy-to-do activities that connect you with your inner wisdom. My practice fits people with any and all spiritual paths or beliefs – including those who have none.

My deep mentoring process is designed to guide you along your own individual path to asking your own questions and finding your own answers to the truths and gifts you carry within, then discovering your way of sharing them with the world.

At its core, Wild Soul is about

Guiding and supporting people in discovery and deep understanding of soul image and purpose; understanding how the threads of their personal story are interwoven with the big story of our world; and living their spark of genius in these critical times in human and Earth history

If these words stir something within you,
I invite you to travel and explore with me.

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free initial phone consultation!
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